Learning English at AIEPRO-Rizal: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Since I was hired as a teacher, it has been my goal to improve my English communication and writing skills and, at the same time, gain enough confidence in public speaking. I believe that English communication is imperative not only in becoming an effective and efficient teacher but also in achieving personal and career growth. However, I find it difficult because, as a teacher, I have so many things on my plate, and it’s hard to squeeze in another task. But improving myself in this aspect is important to me, so I decided to look for experts that could help me accomplish these goals. Luckily, I found American Institute for English Proficiency. Its group class schedule allowed me to study at night and do my job and regular activities in the morning.

My experience at AIEPRO-Rizal has been excellent. I knew I had come to the right place from my first lesson. I even relearned to teach English, thanks to AIEPRO-Rizal’s English specialists, who provided great help and quality resources. The activities that they prepared were fun and informative. I learned new things from them that I had never known before, such as the use of the serial comma, the proper usage of articles a and the, and how to write speeches using the Five Elements and the local and global structures.

I am so grateful because I can say that after three months of attending classes, my English skills had improved compared to before I enrolled in the CXL course. I am still a work in progress; I know it is not easy to be a proficient English speaker and writer, so I will come back and study again with Teena and Czee. Even though I sometimes struggled to express myself or ran out of things to say, they never made me feel uncomfortable, which is why I enjoyed those small talks with them before they formally began each class. I also loved interacting with the other students because we learned from one another. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet these wonderful people who, like me, wanted to improve their communication skills and were brave enough to start the journey to English proficiency. I will never forget the learning experiences we shared.

These days, I make it a point to practice what I’ve learned whenever I get the chance. The people I regularly interact with in my hometown speak in the vernacular or Filipino, so opportunities to converse in English are few and far between. Furthermore, most of them find it awkward to hear someone speaking in English, so practicing it would be challenging for me. I miss AIEPRO and can’t wait to study again with the beautiful and proficient English specialists, Teena and Czee. Every day I look forward to being in class once more for the chance to express myself, knowing that a specialist would listen and offer friendly feedback.

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Sustained Career Development

Professional training in the English language expands your vocabulary and can literally put words in your mouth. It lets you breathe life into your ideas so you can present them in the exact way that you want. It’s like shining a bright spotlight on your ingenious recommendations to guide them on a path straight to the eyes and ears of your superiors and your clients.

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English Skills in the Digital Age

Stop for a moment and ponder these questions: How many English words do I know? How many English words do I actively use at school or work? Am I using these words properly? Can I string a group of words together to form an understandable, grammatically correct, and natural-sounding sentence? Can I speak as fluently as I write in English? The good news is we can choose to sharpen our grammar skills and enrich our English vocabulary every day. The internet is a treasure trove for English language learners, but the American Institute for English Proficiency can make learning easier and more effective. Let the experts at AIEPRO Rizal help you get started on your journey to achieving world-class English skills in the digital age!

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American Institute for English Proficiency – Antipolo, Rizal

The American Institute for English Proficiency, established in 2007, has expanded in Antipolo, Rizal and will officially open its doors in October 2021. We are currently accepting enrollments for our first ever batch of students.

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