A new English word is created every 98 minutes.

That is about 14.7 words a day or 5,400 words a year.

As of August 2021, the English language is estimated to have

1,066,095.9 distinct words.

Source: Global Language Monitor

By Teena Galang-Kuizon

Not too long ago, I was invited to give an English grammar seminar to sixth graders during the English Week celebration at San Beda University-Rizal. To hook my young and restless audience, I opened proceedings by telling the youngsters in the room something they didn’t already know. The Global Language Monitor report on the number of new words added to the English language every 98 minutes, every 24 hours, and every 365 days did the trick. As millennials and Gen Z’ers like to say, you can’t make this stuff up.

When I informed the suddenly curious participants that usage rules also tend to change whenever a new word joins the dictionary, they did not look thrilled. In my mind, they were saying, “The English language evolves, and that’s well and good. Why complicate matters by adding more to the already confusing grammar rules?”

Even now, the only sensible answer is that it’s just the way language works. The English language moves with the times, and its users would do well to keep up with neologisms and their corresponding grammar rules. Whether we like it or not, English—the universally acknowledged global language—has become even more essential in our tech-driven, globally connected world.

Stop for a moment and ponder these questions: How many English words do I know? How many English words do I actively use at school or work? Am I using these words properly? Can I string a group of words together to form an understandable, grammatically correct, and natural-sounding sentence? Can I speak as fluently as I write in English?

The good news is that we can choose to sharpen our grammar skills and enrich our English vocabulary every day. The internet is a treasure trove for English language learners, but the American Institute for English Proficiency can make learning easier and more effective. Let the experts at AIEPRO Rizal help you get started on your journey to achieving world-class English skills in the digital age!


The American Institute for English Proficiency, established in 2007, has expanded in Antipolo, Rizal and will officially open its doors in October 2021. We are currently accepting enrollments for our first ever batch of students.  If you’re looking to build your confidence through English and communication skills, we are here to assist you.

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