Your career takes up at least two-thirds of your life. It can define you and the life your family can have. Thus, investing in your career should not stop the moment you pose for your college yearbook. You should take purposeful steps to ensure your continued career growth.

Professional training in the English language can be that first step toward energizing your career. It can even help you switch to the one that you’ve always dreamed of but were too scared to strive for.

You start by acquiring excellent English communication skills to highlight your dazzling ideas. Your brilliant suggestions have zero value if they’re lodged in your brain with only a limited, lackluster way of putting them into words.

Professional training in the English language expands your vocabulary and can literally put words in your mouth. It lets you breathe life into your ideas so you can present them in the exact way that you want. It’s like shining a bright spotlight on your ingenious recommendations to guide them on a path straight to the eyes and ears of your superiors and your clients.

So the next time you look at your graduation picture, save a space for that photo of you celebrating your big promotion. All it takes is one decisive move to get professional training that will give you the career advancement that is nothing short of picture perfect.  


The American Institute for English Proficiency, established in 2007, has expanded in Antipolo, Rizal and will officially open its doors in October 2021. We are currently accepting enrollments for our first ever batch of students.  If you’re looking to build your confidence through English and communication skills, we are here to assist you.

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